It’s Almost Flu Season!

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Get A Shot, Give A Shot!  Press Release

Can you believe it’s that time of year already?  I’m not talking about going back to school, I’m talking about getting your flu shot.   If you have been listening to the radio, you may have heard the Shot@Life commercials talking about getting your flu shot.  If you haven’t, that’s okay, you can listen to the commercial through the link posted below.

Shot@Life has partnered with Walgreens for the Get a Shot, Give a Shot Campaign.  From now through October 14, when you receive your  flu vaccine at participating Walgreens locations, Walgreens will help Shot@Life provide a life-saving vaccine to a child in a developing country. Together Shot@Life and Walgreens will provide up to 3 million polio and measles vaccines to children who need them most.

It’s really that simple.  No appointment necessary.  Just walk right in to your local Walgreens, get your flu shot and by doing so, you are not only protecting yourself, you will be protecting a child across the globe.  And when you get your shot, have someone take your picture and send it to me!

Flu Shot